Product List

Micro Polyester  Spun Yarn

In the micro polyester spun yarn production line, Piramit Iplik manufactures thin polyester spun yarn from Ne 50/1 to Ne 100/1. The products has a similar performance with silk when used in fabrics. This quality of the yarn is used mostly in scarves, tulle curtains, and home textiles. Micro yarns are mostly preferred because of their strength, lower hairiness, higher color performance, and soft touch of he products made from them.

Polyester Spun Yarn

In the standard polyester spun yarn production line Piramit Iplik manufactures high quality thick (Ne 6/1-Ne 20/1), medium (Ne  26/1- Ne 40/1) and thin (Ne 50/1-Ne 80/1)  yarns.

Thick spun yarns ranging from Ne 6/1 to Ne 20/1 is  used mostly in home textiles, upholstery and filter fabric. Medium spun yarns ranging from Ne 26/1 to Ne 40/1 is used mostly in home textiles, in scarf fabric, flag fabric, and garments.  Thin spun yarns ranging from Ne 50/1 to Ne 80/1 are used in home textile, tulle curtains, and scarves.

Produced by quality focused production insight, our products are preferred by our customers because of the products’ strength, low hairiness, high Uster standards.

FR (Flame Retardant) Polyester Spun Yarn

In the range of Ne 20/1 to Ne 60/1 Piramit Iplik manufactures flame retardant polyester spun yarns. Yarns or fabrics given an additional flame protection finish  can lose the protection as a result of wear, age or frequent washing. Yet, as the FR yarn is produced from flame retardant fibers they are permanently flame retardant. Our FR yarn products are mostly used in curtains, upholstery and some special outwear garments.

Twisted Yarns

For all micro, standard and FR single yarns Piramit Iplik gives to her customers an option of double yarns in the range of Ne 20/2 to Ne 100/2. With high quality and near zero knots, Piramit Iplik branded double yarns are preferred in home textile and upholstery.